Mini Games

Grand Poker Casino's Mini Games room provides a range of the hottest casino games around in a smaller size. If you find it takes forever for most slots, table games, and video poker options to load, you'll love these games. They're smaller in size without losing any of the excitement. Load them, keep them in the corner, and have another screen open as you play. You can play them in the instant play casino or in the mobile casino on an Apple or Android phone or tablet.

Play some of Grand Poker's games in this casino room and you qualify for 0.2% extra on rebate promotions. That rebate is added to your balance each day at 12:30 a.m. EST as long as you accrued at least one penny. Qualifying games are Mini Blackjack Volume Rebate or Mini Video Poker Volume Rebate. You cannot get this bonus rebate on:

  • All or Nothing Klondike
  • All or Nothing Strict Solitaire
  • Klondike Strict
  • Options Blackjack
  • Options Blackjack Enhanced
  • Unlimited Vegas Solitaire
  • Vegas Solitaire

Available Games

What games are available in this room of the casino? Take a closer look at your options.

Mini Baccarat – Baccarat is a game where you bet based on your prediction. After cards are dealt, will you or the dealer have the better hand? Cards are worth 2 through 9 for numbered cards, 0 points for a 10, Jack, Queen, or King, and 1 point for Aces.

Mini Blackjack – Choose from Options Blackjack, Options Blackjack Enhanced, or Rebate Blackjack. The basic rule is the same in all three. Get 21 or as close to it as possible and beat the dealer with a higher hand.

Mini Rebate Roulette – This game involves the red, green, and black wheel and a ball. Predict where the ball will land to win cash.

Mini Slot – The Mini Slot area has a football-themed slot game. If you haven't played Gridiron slots, it's a 5 reel slot game. In the Mini Games area, it's a rebate game, too. Play it and earn cash back.

Mini Solitaire – Solitaire is a very relaxing game that also involves a little strategy and a bit of luck with cards falling in the right places. Choose from All or Nothing Klondike Strict, All or Nothing Solitaire, Klondike Strict, Unlimited Vegas Solitaire, or Vegas Solitaire. It's available online and on iPhone 4 or newer, iPad, and Android devices.

Mini Video Poker – Rebate Video Poker is available in this game room. Play poker online or on your mobile device. It's a standard five-card Draw Poker game where you win 250x if you get a royal flush.

About Mini Games

What do you do to get started playing mini games at Grand Poker Casino? Join the casino and log in. Click “Mini Games” and find the game of interest. You do not need to install any free casino software. You do need to turn off your pop-up blocker if you have one. Once the game loads, move it to the area of your screen that best suits your needs.

To play in the mobile casino. Log in, click on “Mini Games” and find a game to play. It will launch it immediately so that you're not wasting time waiting for the game to load on your iOS or Android device.

Are you ready to play these games? Join Grand Poker Casino now.